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Muxton Clinic

We provide a wide range of private health services in Muxton. Ear wax Removal, Weight Loss Treatment, Allergy Testing and much more. Book Online.

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Earwax Removal Service

Microsuction earwax removal in Muxton.

Allergy Testing

Private allergy testing service in Muxton.

Weight Loss Clinic

Weight Loss consultation and treatment

Supervised Antigen Test

Fit to fly supervised antigen testing for travel.

Earwax Removal Clinic

Quick & simple private microsuction earwax removal in Muxton

Are you suffering with blocked ears due to wax buildup? 

We offer a professional microsuction earwax removal service in Muxton. Microsuction technique is used worldwide as a safe method of removing excess earwax. Read more details and book your appointment online for the in-clinic earwax removal service. 

Private Allergy Testing Service in Muxton

Get tested for a wide range of allergens and food intolerances through our professional allergy testing service. Identify common allergens to optimise your diet and release symptoms of common allergies.

Fit to Fly

Supervised antigen testing service

for travel

Book your appointment online, same day appointments available.


What Clients Say About Us

We strive to provide the best possible service.

Had my antigen test done at the clinic. Super efficient. Got the results within an hour.

James Antigen Test

The team made me feel comfortable and the whole experience was excellent.

Lilly Earwax removal